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Lemon Artemis

UV Resistant Artificial Topiary Shrub (Hedyotis) 80CM

UV Resistant Artificial Topiary Shrub (Hedyotis) 80CM

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UV Artificial Topiary Shrub (Hedyotis) 80CM

This stunning hedyotis shrub has 876 two tone greens leaves to replicate the vibrancy of the real plant, just without the maintenance.

The plant comes in an plastic Pot and can be easily placed into an existing planter or pot, alternatively you can plant them out into your own garden to ensure you have greener all year-round.

Cleaning Instructions: Use a small amount of water and a damp cloth to wipe the leaves.

The details of the fake potted shrub

Weight: 8kg approx

Width: approx 50cm wide – depending on branch placement * please note the shrub is typically round, however, some people bend the branches to create a ‘flat top’

Pot size: 15cm high x 18cm wide

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