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Harvick Farms

Handcrafted Dough Scraper/Cutter

Handcrafted Dough Scraper/Cutter

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Handcrafted by Joseph Harvick.

Introducing our artisan-crafted Sourdough Cutter, meticulously handmade from your favorite hardwoods including walnut, cherry, oak, maple, and ash. This essential kitchen tool is designed to elevate your baking experience, ensuring flawlessly cut dough. Each dough cutter boasts a sharp blade, enabling precise portioning. With their beautiful natural grains and durable construction, these wooden tools not only enhance your culinary process but also add a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen decor. Upgrade your sourdough baking game with our hardwood cutter and let the flavors of tradition and craftsmanship shine in every bite. Each piece has been wiped down with mineral oil and polished with beeswax.

Dimensions: 6” L x 4”W x 1/4”H (width taken from the broadest area)

Note 1: Cleaning, Gently wipe down your product with a sponge and hot, soapy water (we recommend using mild unscented dish soap. It's essential to wash all sides equally to prevent it from drying unevenly, which could cause the board to warp. Hand wipe away the excess water.

Note 2: Revitalize, and refresh your product with food-safe mineral oil or butcher-block conditioner. Don't use a food oil, like olive or vegetable oil, which will oxidize on the surface and start to smell.

Note 3: If the product becomes rough due to excessive water contact, lightly sand your product with a sanding sponge of 320 - 400 grit. When you have completed the light sanding, refer to note 2 for oiling instructions. This is also an excellent way to bring back the new product look.

Note 4: As this is a handmade product please allow up to a 5% margin of error in the above dimensions.

Note 5: Due to lighting effects and photo angles there could be some slight color differences in what you see.



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