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Handcrafted Serving Trays

Handcrafted Serving Trays

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Serving boards are unique, one of a kind and will be the conversation piece at your next get together!

Our boards are coated in Odies wood oil to seal and protect the boards as well and give them a nice sheen finish, this wood oil is 100% food grade safe.
These boards are finished with black handles and non-slip rubber bumper feet.

Size: 12” x 17”

Thank you for your support.

***Due to the nature of the live edge, natural wood, the coloring, markings, knots/cracks and any unique characteristics will vary and may be lighter/darker in different areas on the board(s). Each board we make in our shop is unique in it's own way, so you essentially have a one of a kind board.***
***The epoxy when mixed and poured naturally creates bubbles. We pop the bubbles as the epoxy cures but please note there may still be a few very small bubbles within the rocks***

**Do not cut on these boards or use any sharp utensils on these boards. These are for serving and home décor use only. Cutting on the epoxy/wood will chip it/scratch it and ruin the board.**
**Do not place hot food items directly on the epoxy unless you have a small plate/tray underneath the hot food**

**Do not use any chemical or all natural cleaning spray, this will dull the finish over time, especially the epoxy part of the board.**
**TO CLEAN: wet a cloth with warm soapy water and give a good wipe clean.**
**Every month or two, depending on use, it would be ideal to apply a solvent free, food safe mineral/board oil to your board.**

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