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Harvick Farms

Cookbook and Tablet Holder

Cookbook and Tablet Holder

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Harvick Farms Wood Cookbook and Tablet Holder seamlessly blends functionality with elegance.

Crafted from premium quality wood, this innovative holder serves a dual purpose – it securely props up cookbooks, magazines, or recipes while also accommodating a tablet or smartphone.

The wood construction ensures stability while the base and ledge are designed to securely hold device in place.

Featuring our signature Ravinte handle, it beautifully coordinates with all of our cutting and charcuterie boards.

The natural wood aesthetic effortlessly complements any kitchen or dining room décor, adding a touch of warmth and elegance to any space.

We recommend hand-washing with mild soap and warm water to maintain its beauty and integrity for years to come. To preserve the wood's natural luster, occasional oiling with food-grade mineral oil is recommended.

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